What is Game Guardian ? how to use it !

What is GameGuardian ??

Cheat your thanks to ending in your robot games with GameGuardian.

GameGuardian may be a free cheating tool for robot devices by gameguardian.net which supplies you cheat codes for your robot games. By hacking game knowledge in your system folders or modifying the sport in memory, it willunlock cheats like additional lives, infinite munition, indomitability, and others. GameGuardian conjointly supports speedhacks, which permit you to cut down or speed up Associate in Nursing application.

How to install on Rooted or Non-Rooted Mobile ?

If you own NO ROOT device, you’ll begin the GameGuradian and therefore the game in virtual space- scan the way to hack humanoid games on NO ROOT devices on the subsequent link [Hack games on non stock-still phones with game Guardian]

Before you put in this program from the official web site,you will have to be compelled to modify putting in apps from unknown sources.
To do that on your device, head to Settings – Security, and check Unknown sources box

Game Guardian Tutotial :

When you begin Game Guardian, you must see floating icon at the highest of you screen. Note that you just will move it where you would like.
game guardian floating icon

game guardian floating icon

Start game that you just wish to cheat, and click on on Game Guardian floating icon. it’ll mechanically show all processes running on your device. select the sport that you just wish to cheat.

In this Game Guardian tutorial, we’ll solely do basic memory redactionwhich means that money/gold/exp priceisn’t encrypted within the memory.

In this article, we’ll cheat Chuck author N” in-memory price is that the same because the one we have a tendency to place in.
“!=” in-memory price isn’t identical because the one we have a tendency to place in.
“<” in-memory price is smaller than the one we have a tendency to place in.
“>” in-memory price is larger than the one we have a tendency to place in.
Game Guardian price varieties
game guardian price varieties

game guardian value types

Value varieties may be completely different.

DWORDs area unit simply straightforward numbers. Storage size for DWORD kind is four bytes.
Example: 1,55, 18999, 123456…
In alternative programs, DWORD kind may be named 4bytes or LONG.
FLOATs area unit real numbers, numbers with percentage point, 1.23, 3.14 190.5786…
DOUBLEs area unit same as floats, however it will store abundant larger values (see image above).
WORDs – Same as DWORD, however store abundant smaller numbers (2 bytes), in programming this sort is named INT .
BYTEs – Same as DWORD, however only 1 computer memory unit is reserved for the worth.
QWORDs – simply a much bigger variety, same as DWORD with larger storage size.
XORs – they’re not kind of variety, it’s encoding employed in some games.
For reference regarding information varieties you’ll check this text.
Don’t be confused with all of this. In most cases, you’ll be checking out DWORD, or the FLOAT/DOUBLE kind. If you aren’t assured enough, you’ll invariably select car, and it’ll scan all the information varieties (note that this technique are abundant slower).

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